Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hit the Ground Running in the New Year

I have hit the ground since the new year started, but not necessarily running in the direction I would like to go.  This is the morning of my third day off since starting tax preparation work on Monday the third.  Was not this time consuming last year. I have been in a shock about it.  But, for now,  I am rolling with the punches and thinking about my art goals as I run along.  I have made a list of the art festivals to which I want to apply and their deadlines.  The Columbus Arts Festival is a really big one, I did apply in their Emerging Artist category, the jury is public and I am looking forward to attending on February 6. 

I do plan to make a list of goals and a business plan for this year as well as picking a word for guiding my intentions this year.  I know one of my goals will be to work with a consultant/advisor on the business of art.  I do have someone in mind, but still mulling it over just a little bit.  I will formally look at my goals from last year and see how I have done, but I do know that though I met some of them, the results were not what I had hoped for.  I had hoped that going to more festivals, even if not lucrative in sales, would help with commissions, this was not the case.  I do think that perhaps becoming a regular at some of these shows could help with that, but that is something I may be consulting about.

On this glorious day off, I am running to the big city to get the last three feral kitties spayed/neutered.  They are five and half months already,  must not have anymore.  It will be a relief to release them tomorrow, hopefully healthy, as well as infertile. 

I took a better picture of the red-tailed hawk portrait when preparing my images for art festival applications.  So I decided to share it here. 

Thank you for visiting and reading despite my long absence.  I WILL be back soon.


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