Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Lovely Anniversary Present and Drawing Class

This Bear and Dove was a fun and very touching commission.  A man contacted me about a present for his first wedding anniversary.  His wife called him "Snuggley Bear" and he called her "Lovey Dovey".  He wanted to know if I could do a bear hugging a dove.  I did several sketches and after we collaborated on picking out the preferred features of the sketches, this was the result.  It is 12x16, colored pencil on hardboard panel.
I think I mentioned that I am auditing a drawing class at Denison University this semester. At any rate, I am and it is really stimulating to be using other media -- conte crayon, charcoal, ink, markers and to be drawing from life.  Though alot of my in class drawings are currently stored at the university and I have not yet taken any photos of them, I though I would share some homework.  One of our assignments is to pick an object and incorporate it into 100 drawings.  This wooden horse I have had for several years is the object I picked:
Here are drawings 5-11.  I am using conte and it is on two sheets of 18x24 paper, so the final here is 24x36.  I may add more to it later.  As I said above, feeling very stimulated drawing from life (though it is still). His arm fell off while I was workig on this, so I have not included it for some of the drawings.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Works

My piece, The Way We Were, Coshocton - 1972 did get into the Johnson Humrick House Museum Exhibit.  The opening is October 22, 4-6 P.M. A convenient time for some of my family to be there and we can have dinner afterwards -- looking forward to a good time!  I did change the year in the title from 1971 to 1972 -- I thought about it some more and that is the year it was.

Here is a portrait of Riley, a clipped and wet Portuguese Water Dog, that I finished last month. It was a surprise gift and was well received.  I enjoyed the challenge of the water as something new in this one.

I am having fun but also kept busy with a drawing class I am auditing.   I am working more from life and using other media -- I am enjoying it very much.  I keep alot of my work at the university, but will try to snap some photos for the blog. Also, I will be posting some other commissions soon,also.  After a disappointing Christmas season last year, I have had steady stream of commissions starting in June of this year.  YEAH!

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