Friday, November 20, 2009

Pet Portrait Commissions

Here is a commission portrait from last year around this time. He is a pitbull mix who was a Katrina rescue. His happy owners live in Florida. I am busy right now with a commission of two dogs, a MinPin and a German Sheperd/Huskie mix to be in one portrait. I do love doing commissions, though there is always a bit of anxiety about whether it is what the customer wants/will like.

There is still room in my schedule for a Christmas commission -- don't hesitate to contact me for a surprising and delightful gift for someone on your list!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Contemplating Winter Finished and Entered

This piece was entered into "Explore This" 2010 as pictured above. In the eleventh hour I found that scotch tape worked really well for removing unwanted pigment. In restrospect I am not happy still with the foliage around his head. I was too married to giving him a symbolic halo. I will be waiting for the exhibition results, but am likely to change this part further. Any comments are welcome now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Friend Chicken Farming - Finished

Here is the final version of My Friend Chicken Farming which I hope to enter in the Color Pencil Society of America Explore This Exhibition by tomorrow. I am hoping to finish Buddy's portrait by then also. Will be working on it the rest of today for sure.

I spent some time experimenting with whether I could comply with the entry requirements of preparing the photo of the work. Turns out that if I had not had to get a new computer I might not have been able to prepare the photo of this piece as required. The instructions talk about using Adobe Photoshop, I was about ready to give up when I saw that a free program to accomplish the required tasks, Paint.Net was available. Not only was I able to prepare the image as specified, but I now have a more powerful photo program at my disposale for free! It is amazing that this program was available for free! Check it out. It did take me awhile to figure out how to do what was needed, but after spending some time, I was able to do it. I am glad I spent the time early, because I would have been pulling my hair out if it was the deadline day. The instructions do require an entrant to enter all pieces at once, so I am waiting until tomorrow to hopefully enter them both.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Computer - WIP 3

Last Saturday my old computer finally died. I was not looking to get a new one just yet, but like TV used to be (maybe still is), -- can't live without it, it seems. It is taking me some time to get used to the new features and to the loss of some programs that I no longer have because they are incompatible with Windows 7. At least the timing of the need for a new computer has allowed me to skip Windows Vista. Also, quite luckily, I have been able to save most of my documents and photos. I have lost some in the previous crashes of my old computer. I am hoping I don't have to mess with this one for quite awhile!

Here is the latest WIP for this portrait of Buddy that is awaiting the name of "Contemplating Winter" or "Indian Summer". I have cropped it, the flank area was too close to the edge (I know better, but plunged on for awhile) and thus not working in the compositition. I have a ways to go on the background. I hope to tie in the yellow foliage better but still leave it as a symbolic halo for Saint Buddy. This is a quick shot from my drawing board, so the details and colors are not as clear as they could be with better lighting and a tripod. Getting a good photo for exhibition entry/documenting will be the next challenge. The deadline for the exhibition is November 15 -- I don't know whether I will make it or not. I will be working furiously the next few days to try to, though.

Thank you, very much, Donna B and Erik, for becoming followers of this blog. I am looking forward to taking some time really soon to visit your sites and learn a little about you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Buddy, WIP 2

Here is an update after many more hours Tuesday and yesterday. I am going to work some more on him this morning. The deadline for the exhibition entry is next Sunday -- and between this afternoon and then, there are several things scheduled for me -- I need to see if I can streamline any of the chores and duties that will distract me. I also have to finish My Friend Chicken Farming, or something similiar for the title, for the exhibit. It does not have far to go, though, I think. The exhibition is a juried online exhibition with the Colored Pencil Society of America. The exhibition is called "Explore This". It must have some other media or a support which would make it ineligible for the annual international exhibition also sponsored by the Colored Pencil Society of America. The "Explore This" exhibition is in its sixth year.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day, 2009

Here is a work in progess of Buddy that I mentioned in my last post, you can click on the image above to see a closer up version. I am working on velour board, 11x22. I am very inspired by the photo I took of him and my feelings looking at him a couple of weeks ago. There will be fall foliage in the background. The wind is blowing his mane and he has a heavy winter coat coming in. His gaze will probably appear inward. I worry about how he will do this winter -- he has had so many health problems this past year. The whooly worms and the horses coats seem to be forecasting a fierce winter. I think about the title as "Contemplating Winter". Maybe more me than him? I could call it "Indian Summer" as it was one of the last days the fall foliage had not fallen due to rain. It was breezy and balmy. The horses were having a great day.

The velour is giving me fits, and though it takes many layers, I still have to be careful to not over saturate it, as their is no taking off the colored pencil or pastel once it is laid on. I do have a vision for this piece, though. and will struggle on with it. It is a good week for working on art for me. Should have most of today, Thursday and part of Friday to work.

I cannot accept any constructive comments at this time as I am planning on entering it in an exhibition. The rules state "no collaborations". I have come to learn from reading on the net that means no online suggestions.

Thanks for Looking!!! To be Continued......


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