Sunday, May 22, 2011

And Now Something Different -Virtual Paintout

I discoverd this blog, Virtual Paintout, about a month ago.  Love it -- love seeing what people pick to do and how they interpret it! 

There are animals to be found by traveling various localities, but when deciding to participate this month, I did not find any.  So I picked this scene:
Hotel LaPeRouse, Nice, France

I started this in watercolor pencil -- an attempt to experiment, perhaps be looser and quicker, but alas, I ended up using alot of colored pencil and put in over 12 hours on this little 5x7.  It scanned a little brigter in the red area than it actually is.  I sure did enjoy this, but spent way more time than I planned.

Here is the Google Streetview link for this scene:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Month of Sundays - Two Commissions

Well, it seems like a month of Sundays since I lasted posted.  Thank you all of you who still checked in once in awhile.  It is only in this past week that I have felt like I have had some time to myself for gathering my toughts and concentrating on art.  Mainly other work and some family needs have kept me away so long.

Here are two commissions I just finished:

This is Allie, I used both of these photos to develop her portrait.

This is Casey, a German Shepherd mix.

Both portraits are 9x12, colored pencil on pastelbord.


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