Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween Everybody! The above photo was taken at a festival in southern Ohio that my friend and I wend to when I spent some time with her a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry I haven't posted this week until now, sometimes I really don't know where the time goes. I have been trying to get some art in when not doing things for my new job -- I know I have mentioned it before, rather mysteriously, but right now it involves taking classes for a "maybe" job involving, can you believe it, taxes. Nuff said about that for now. At any rate I was working on a drawing this week. I had originally planned to start doing a Christmas card this week. The one I have in my head involves a newer barn cat we have. However, the day I took some reference photos, his did not turn out -- I did get one of my beloved Buddy, that I started working from -- not Christmas card related. The preliminary drawing has taken me quite awhile -- first off I got a head on him that I was quite pleased with, but it was a tad too small -- it has taken me forever to get another preliminary drawing that I am pleased with. I decided to do it on a piece of black Hahnemuhle Velour board that I sent for quite awhile ago. After seeing Mona Majorowicz's work in progress on suede, I said to myself now is the time to get that board out and try it. I had used Hahnemuhle velour paper for the tiger below and enjoyed it. However, since there is no possiblility of erasing, the preliminary drawing must be near perfect. I have barely started to lay in the color -- is seeming quite "sticky". That is the pencil is not going on very smoothly like I remember with the paper. I have tried a little pastel also since I have always been curious about how it feels on velour or suede, since so many artists do gorgeous animals with pastel on suede/velour. It also seems to not glide/go on easily. I am doing an irregular size (I usually do standard sizes) which I cut from the board making it 11x22 inches. Sorry, I am not ready for a WIP -- need to charge up the camera for one thing and also it is not going easily. I am thinking of maybe entering this in the CSPA Explore This competition also. I will tell you more about that in my next post.

Have a Great Weekend and a Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catch-up "Swinging on a Leash" expo

I am delayed in posting. I did this pet expo and then felt ill Monday and Tuesday. I feel better today. Here is a photo of my booth with some expo participants. Also below is a WIP of a puppy I demoed there.

It was not as well attended as I would hope. But these things do have a way of growing sometimes.

I am going to work on my chicken farming piece today, it is almost finished. I hope to start something else. I have an idea for a Christmas card and took some photos earlier today in prep for it. I may start something else, though, as none of the pix were what I was hoping for and may have to take another batch.

Though it was very cold and rainy last week, it has been sunny and gorgeous this week. This is the last week for the Quarter Horse Congress, held in Columbus, about thirty-five miles from where I live. I am planning to go this weekend. I will take my camera, though I have found it difficult to get really good pictures in the past.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Friend Chicken Farming -- 3rd WIP

Here is what I was able to do on Sunday. I am having some difficulty on deciding how to develop the light pattern as it is a bit diffuse in the photo. I have a little ways to go yet. I may get to work on it some more on Thursday.

Besides probably visiting with my mother on the weekend, I am planning to participate in a local pet expo with my booth on Sunday. It is outside, so I will have to watch the weather, though. I will not have cover. I hope to continue a demo piece of a puppy which I started when I displayed in Roscoe.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Friend Chicken Farming Continued

Here is what I was able to do on Thursday. I forgot I had to be an exhibition volunteer, so was only able to get in a couple of hours. Usually I like to try to work the image as a whole. However, since I am not used to doing buildings or people in CP, I found myself concentrating on the buildings this session. I also moved the chicken closest to the viewer up a little so she won't be standing on the edge or frame. I may work with her some more before really work on completing the chickens or driveway.

I am thinking of maybe entering this in the CPSA "Explore This", so, I can't accept any critiques.

Running a few hundred miles now to see my friend. Do hope to get to work on this some more on Sunday. Catch up with you all next week!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Helping Paws Online Exhibit

The Canine Art Guild's Helping Paws 2009 Art Exhibit is now online here. I have three pieces in the exhibit, including True Blue, shown here.
The artists are all donating a portion of any of their show sales to an animal related service/rescue organization as specified with each piece.
I have designated FOTAS, "Friends of the Animal Shelter", in Coshocton, Ohio as the organization to which I am donating a portion of any sales from this show.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Friend Chicken Farming -- WIP

Here is a photograph of a friend of mine who used to love her chickens. I decided to do a piece based on this photo. The buildings and background in southern Ohio are really interesting, don't you think.

Here is my work in progress. It is 8x10 on cradled hardboard primed with gesso and then green colorfix primer. There is just a tad bit more of the composition to the right than what shows in this scan. I am using prismas only at this point. I started doing it in a higher key than the photo and then subdued it a little. I also decided to not do the blown over red roof in my composition. Though I do think it is interesting. It is really nice to be working after an unintended break. I have another busy week ahead -- hope to work on it some more at least on Thursday. I will get 5-20 minutes here and there before then-- but not my best way to work. I am actually scheduled to visit this friend this Friday and Saturday. Had company this past weekend, also, though was able to start this. I plan to really get structured with doing art after this week of medical follow-ups, part-time job responsibilities and visiting my friend. Whew.


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