Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Remembering Veterans with Pride

I took this after visitig my father's grave on Friday. He is buried in the veteran's section of the cementary. The picture doesn't convey the beauty of all the flags flapping in the breeze.

I am having a relatively relaxing day ordering business cards, brochures and prints for upcoming art fair. I cleaned the SUV yesterday -- it needed it, can't remember clearly the last time I cleaned it thorougly. Finished the horses so I could make prints, will post tomorrow.

Hope you all are enjoying the day. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Sure is a Big Egg

I currently have 5 Golden Comet hens, who are the most prolific egg layers I have ever had. They have layed one a day for a year now, right through the winter! Occasionaly there is even a giant double yoked one, like the big one pictured above. They are just medium sized chickens, yet all of their eggs would be classified as large.

One of the assignments in my Counseling Theories class is for students to watch an interview on television and analyze the interactions in accordance with various questions regarding the interaction. As I do not watch much day time television, these assignments have caught me up with some Oprah and Dr. Phil. As I was grading papers yesterday, I was struck by one about an Oprah interview with Charla Nash, a woman who lost most of her face, as well as her hands after being attacked by a friend's chimpanzee. Her optimism despite the loss of her eyesight, most of her hands and her mouth, as well as needing to cover her face due to people's reactions to her disfiguement is humbling, to say the least. I will think of her and her overwelming courage when I worry about the trivial problems in my life.

I will do another WIP of the horses in a day or two, let myself work on it on Saturday and will work on it tomorrow. I am making myself finish my school work, mow and go to the store (refrigerator finally fixed yesterday) before allowing myself to work on it. A summer of concentrating on art and art work, without the distraction of other "make money jobs" at least, is near!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WIP2 -- Where Does the Time Go?!?

So sorry I have been MIA here at my blog. I honestly do not know where the time goes, so fast. When not preparing for my class, grading papers, mowing, teaching my class, cleaning, doing laundry, did I mention mowing, weeding the garden, cleaning stalls, oh yeah, did I say mowing -- I have drawn whenever possible, but I turn around and see I have not been blogging in over a week. So sorry.

I did send for and received, yesterday, the rest of my Trimline art fair tent. Now to find time to practice putting it up. I may be practicing at the show! My first show is rapidly coming up on June 12-13. It is near me in Granville, Ohio. Remember the poster contest? It's that show -- The Granville Art Affair. Have some prints to order and get ready, clean the SUV for packing, get more brochures and cards, finish the above piece and start a demo and then pack the SUV. My class ends that week. Oh yeah, I am working in a weekend course on framing before then too. Whew. Wish me luck in being ready without a nervous breakdown!

I am absorbed in working on this piece whenever I have a moment, some things about first horse are not to my liking, but moving on for now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A New Project --WIP

Well, it isn't Saturday, but I did get to start this on Monday and worked on it today some.

My refrigerator went out on Friday, spent Saturday cleaning it out, mopping up and then cleaning the great room in general. No repair person can come until Thursday A.M., it is only two and half years old, at least I have an extended warranty. Feels like camping out until then.

The above work is 16x20 colored pencil. I liked the poses of these horses so went for it. I usually like to work all over, put am afraid of smearing the foreground, so am working from the back forward on this one.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kitties Come in the Spring

A very wild female calico has been eating the food in the garage that is used to feed our two barn cats that Slim has been chasing out of the barn. In the last week or two, have gotten a gilimpse of the three surprises (not really -- could have laid money on it as soon as I realized she was a female) she has provided. Could only capture this one and the back of one other in a picture for today's post. There is this orange, the one with its back in the picture looks like a black tiger, but maybe with tan instead of white with the stripes and an orange and white one. Mommy growls alot when I try to talk to or look at the kiddies. Thinking about trapping them to find homes, but haven't taken action yet. Slim may have to go too, as he just is too mean to the other cats. Difficult decisions and tasks in this cat overpopulated world.

Started another picture, horses, this time, though planning another eagle, too. Still working on the preliminary drawing. Off to teach and be with mom until tomorrow. Hope to have a good art day on Saturday, will post WIP then.

Have a good rest of the week and a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


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