Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Sure is a Big Egg

I currently have 5 Golden Comet hens, who are the most prolific egg layers I have ever had. They have layed one a day for a year now, right through the winter! Occasionaly there is even a giant double yoked one, like the big one pictured above. They are just medium sized chickens, yet all of their eggs would be classified as large.

One of the assignments in my Counseling Theories class is for students to watch an interview on television and analyze the interactions in accordance with various questions regarding the interaction. As I do not watch much day time television, these assignments have caught me up with some Oprah and Dr. Phil. As I was grading papers yesterday, I was struck by one about an Oprah interview with Charla Nash, a woman who lost most of her face, as well as her hands after being attacked by a friend's chimpanzee. Her optimism despite the loss of her eyesight, most of her hands and her mouth, as well as needing to cover her face due to people's reactions to her disfiguement is humbling, to say the least. I will think of her and her overwelming courage when I worry about the trivial problems in my life.

I will do another WIP of the horses in a day or two, let myself work on it on Saturday and will work on it tomorrow. I am making myself finish my school work, mow and go to the store (refrigerator finally fixed yesterday) before allowing myself to work on it. A summer of concentrating on art and art work, without the distraction of other "make money jobs" at least, is near!


  1. I really needed to read that. Thank you Angela.

  2. How sad. Currently I've got two friend undergoing treatment for cancer. I rarely get too whiney about things any more.

    As to the chimp owner hopefully she was seriously penalized for it. I never understood the need to own exotics. I understand the desire of course. But wild stays wild even if you raised it yourself from a bottle.

  3. I found it humbling, too, Linda.

    Sorry about your friends, Mona, hope they recover soon. I agree with you about the exotics. Juaque, the parrot, was raised in captivity, but now that I have her, I don't even think parrots should be in captivity/domestic settings. If I had a way to "set her free" I would. I will never get another or even encourage anyone to get one as a pet. Charla Nash's family sued the chimp owner. Sadly it has been reported that the chimp owner died from an anuerysm yesterday.



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