Sunday, July 4, 2010

Portrait of Cracker

Here is the delivered portrait of Cracker. I had the black and white for the pose in this one and the snapshot for color. I did the portrait, called the client for next day delivery, decided it was horrible and spent most of the night and part of the next day redoing it. It is not as easy to see detail in the reference photos as I initially thought it was. Can you say pressure? I am very happy (and relieved) that he liked it very much. This dog was his wife's dog when she was a child, he is giving it to her today for her birthday -- I hope she likes it. I was exhausted the next day and did not move from the couch much. Since then I have caught up on housework and chores, as well as making a run to go out to dinner with my mom.
I will work daily, starting tomorrow on the rest of the portraits, they will be from snapshots, but the desired poses need to be fabricated. I will be doing alot of sketches first. I iniatilly did Cracker with an outdoor background, but abandoned that. The portraits will all be hanging in the same room, so need to think a bit about their compatibility also. The contract is for plain backgrounds. I am doing these on colorfix paper instead of the hardboard. That, as well as going back to a small size,12x9, have been challenging as well.
I am very happy to have such a huge commission during a fairly uncommitted month. These are all due before August 14. My next fair is
Auguast 7&8.


  1. Wonderful portrait, Angela and how nice to haave that huge commission..good luck.

  2. That's a lovely portrait Angela! I'm glad your customer was happy with it. The reference photos were not very clear at all! I wouldn't have wanted to tackle a sculpture with those! You did a fantastic job!

  3. Thank you Pat and Linda! Though it was a struggle and not as well done as I would like, it was very gratifying, and a relief, to see him receive and enjoy it. I am busy with the sketches for the other six now.



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