Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Dobes WIP -- Christmas Presents

Here are Lokie and Tasha.  Lokie is probably finished, but I will look him over while working on Tasha.  I think something is a little off with Lokie, but I don't have good reference photos of him, but have met him several times.  He had an expressionist quality for a while which I may experement more with.  However, I am aiming for realism for the most part because I do not think the gift recipient will appreciat it otherwise.  I am enjoying working on the sunlit qualities in Tasha's reference photo.  

Lokie - Main Reference

Lokie - Nearly Finished Portrait


Tasha - Main Reference


  1. I love the Tasha portrait. You've had created a wonderful expression and her sunlight ears are fab. Looking forward to seeing the finished product on Loki. :)


  2. Hi, Mona, so strange what you have to go through to comment. Thanks alot.



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