Sunday, May 22, 2011

And Now Something Different -Virtual Paintout

I discoverd this blog, Virtual Paintout, about a month ago.  Love it -- love seeing what people pick to do and how they interpret it! 

There are animals to be found by traveling various localities, but when deciding to participate this month, I did not find any.  So I picked this scene:
Hotel LaPeRouse, Nice, France

I started this in watercolor pencil -- an attempt to experiment, perhaps be looser and quicker, but alas, I ended up using alot of colored pencil and put in over 12 hours on this little 5x7.  It scanned a little brigter in the red area than it actually is.  I sure did enjoy this, but spent way more time than I planned.

Here is the Google Streetview link for this scene:


  1. Hi Angela, Great painting for Virtual Paintout, like you, I enjoy seeing what other people choose to do.

  2. Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed looking at your blog -- cute dog and nice husband! Looking forward to meeting at the paintout again in the future. Happy art making to you.



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