Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Way We Were, Coshocton, 1971, still a Work in Progress

I have been putting hours and hours into this one.  Deadline Sept. 1, (see previous post)  if that isn't a post mark date, I will drive the CD there.  At any rate I started with the faces, and felt they were fair enough that I could go on.  Now finishing the faces is all I have left and it is getting out of wack some.  Hope I get a grip and finish this with some satisfaction.  It is 16x20, colored pencil on panel.  In case you haven't guessed, I am on the far right and the other two hip characters are my two younger brothers.  As well as faces, which I am close to overdoing now, I wasn't sure about the car or blending in the background the way I wanted, but I am fairly pleased with both of those two issues at this point.  That car was my beloved first, a 58 Chevy that I worked and paid for myself. 

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