Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012

When I look at myself and my life in the past and future, I am constantly struck by the need to concentrate on gratitude/thankfulness.  I am thankful for the people in my life that I love and I am thankful to be able to love art and critters so much and have both in my life .  My number one goal for 2012 is to savor every moment the best I can, to constantly redirect myself to the present and what I am greatful for in every moment. (I can be such a worry wart and grudge holder -- often focusing on what I am scared of or resentful of --- this is not a good way to live.)

I am thankful for my family.  Here is a follow-up to "The Way We Were" .  My brothers came to the exhibit dressed as close to the picture as they could be (I did not have the slightest inkling they were doing this, though I was very happy they were planning on coming to the exhibit opening) and insisting we take a picture like the picture, LOL.  I was so warmed by this experience.  Here is a photo from the opening:

I am thankful that I am able to connect with people and finance my art through commissions.  Here are a few commissions I had this year, that did not get posted to my blog.

I so much enjoyed taking a drawing class at Denison University this year.   I felt totally absorbed in the drawing process and also feel I renewed confidence with drawing from life and various media within myself.   Here is a little bit more of the 100 drawings project I mentioned in a previous post:

I did a 100 page flipbook which is on the stool on the right, but I would have to video it to have it make any sense.

I may post a few more drawings from class, in the future.  Also, I am planning on taking a painting course from the same instuctor during winter semester.

I have already started a series of drawings looking out at my pasture from the back of my house and I will post one of these in a day or two (some troubles with my camera and must wait for sun).

I have a commission on my drawing board (which I can't post until it is gifted) and I am focusing on gratitude.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Welcome back my dear. Love the work and the goals for 2012 sound admirable. Big fan of gratitude. :)

    The photo reunion is so very cool!



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