Friday, September 18, 2009

Artistic Style Part II

"Woman Sleeping With A Cat", oil painting, 30x42

As promised here are some of my earlier works in a Fauvist vein. I have picked two works which I still have. Back in these days, I hate to say it, but the 70's, I surrounded myself with people who drew and painted. (Forgot to mention I started oil painting at age 2, LOL). We often drew/painted each other. We traded or gave each other many works. I actually sold a couple back then also. All of my Christmas presents were paintings in those days. I only painted from life or sketches from life. I think both of these works are definitely influenced by my admiration of Mattise. "Madeline", below, seems to be somewht influenced by "Portrait of Madame Matisse", which you can see at this link. and "Woman with a Hat", which you can see at this link.

"Madeline", oil painting, 24x28

Hope you are enjoying my trip down memory lane. I have another painting or two from memory lane which I may share.


  1. Just found your blog...Love your art!
    I'll return...

  2. This is seriously awesome!!!! (not a word I use much)

    Please do share more. :) I've known you (kinda. as much as anyone knows someone on line) for about a year and this is a total surprise.

    I scroll down and back up between the old and the new work in your posts. Amazing.

    So now that I know you worked in a way and a style you enjoy once and you're thinking about doing it again, what's holding you up?

    Not that I prefer the old work over the new. It's like a split personality artistically. (much like my realistic work vs. the wackado wild critters) ... I am intrigued. :)

  3. Okay, so maybe I should wait to comment on other's blogs until after I come down from my caffeine high (to keep myself awake while driving) from our long and exhausting weekend.

    I popped back to see if I sounded insane (caffeine does that to me) but I forgot about you approving the comments thing. (sigh) So I'll just say I was totally wowed by your work and got a bit over excited. :)

  4. Hi, Mona -- I published both comments. I did not think the first one was out of bounds. I am not sure that I have it in me to paint like this right now. I started this artistic style series, kinda wondering why I am where I am now. I think my personality must have changed some over time. Most of the people in my life right now much prefer the more realistic art to the old style. I do think using the pencil vs paint has effected me; as well, as choosing to pursue animal commissions. Art is long and life is short unfortunately -- I have not experimented much with paint of late -- maybe if I do that, the old style will re-emerge. I definitely like the FCB Cadell that was a Scottish colorist -- not so expressionistic or "wild" -- but love "The Red Plate" painting. If I discipine myself to give myself an experiemental day regularly -- I think I will be exploring his style with still life first in different media -- maybe OP and maybe watercolor pencil, or watersoluable oils. If only I had a gardner, zookeeper, and a maid, LOL. Thanks for both of your comments!

  5. P.S. as I thought a little more -- I think alot of the difference has to do with doing art now in part to develop an audience versus doing art to primarily express myself/my feelings with abandon.

  6. Love these paintings, Angela. Great color.



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