Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dressed for Christmas

Here is this year's Christmas card. It is a portrait of the latest barn kitty to find his way to the farm. He is a little grey spitfire. I thought he was a half grown kitten, but he has only gotten a little plumper with time -- so he is a little cat. He was named "Slim Pickens" because he was so skinny when he arrived. Though he is a little cat, he unfortunately chases the bigger barn cats out of the barn. He better be good at mousing! He likes to playfully chase the dogs and chickens. I will try to get some photos/videos of his antics to share. I made up his outfit--I think his portrait shows a slight bit of disdain for such un-cat-like duds. It is 5x7 on colored pencil on board.

The Christmas Season is fast approaching! Are you ready? I am getting there, slowly but surely.


  1. I love his name Angela - and you've certainly captured his very disapproving expression here!

  2. Okay I love this. His expression is perfect. As Sue said "disapproving." It's like he's looking at you thinking "are you serious?"

    But I got one question.

    You say you made up his outfit. Does that mean you sewed something up or you added it in artistically for your card. I'm assuming it's the later but was too curious not to ask.

  3. Thanks so much Sue and Mona. I have a store bought green collar for a dog something like the picture -- but did not put it on him. I made up the collar in red on him, along with the hat, on him for the drawing for the card.



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