Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giving Thanks

An 8x10 commission that was a Christmas present last year.

I hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day! I had a nice one with my family. I am most thankful for family and friends along with having my health! Though I worry about my finances -- I feel very fortunate in the big picture way -- I am not worried about losing my house and can currently meet my, as well as critters', every day needs without going into irreversible debt if I am careful.

The coming of the end of the year means I need to review what I have accomplished during the past year and formulate goals for next year. If I don't know where I am trying to go, it is not likely that I will get there. It is important to make art business goals that are specific and measurable. If you are an artist looking to grow your business, do you do this?


  1. You probably know this already but yes I set goals.Not necessarily so I can strive to complete them. But more like just planting the seed. Telling my subconscious and the universe this is where I want to go.

    Lovely cat. The eyes are wonderful.

  2. Thanks for your comment on goals and the cat, Mona. It is interesting that you don't slavishly follow your goals. I learned alot about art business goals from you and Maggie.

  3. I work very hard. I set goals to accomplish things above and beyond my current standing. However, life and relationships (including that with one's art) are ebb and flow. They move, change and evolve.

    My goals in my younger days were become a vet tech and work in a zoo, which when accomplished turned out to not be what I wanted. When we moved to Iowa I got a lung infection and nearly died. When just barely recovered my husband got severely burned. Our plans to be organic farmers while not ended where definitely changed by our financial issues over start-up costs and paying off the hospitals.

    It was a wild card that I started a gallery and pursued my art. It was never a plan or a goal. It was more like what can I do out here in the boonies to help make some money. Now 9 years later my goal is to hit 6 figures gross within the next 5 years. Maybe it will happen. Maybe not. It is within the realm of my grasp. But who knows what may come along and derail my plans.

    After the lung infection I made a sign and framed it saying "Man Plans, God Laughs" I hung it in the house and then when I opened the gallery I moved the sign up there and it hangs over my drafting table.

    I'm a survivor type. So for me, not punishing myself for failed ambitions (which is what I'd do if I took my goals too seriously) is how I cope with change.

    I set goals and work toward them. But mostly it is my intentions sent out to the universe (or God if you prefer) saying this is what I want. But I'll roll with whatever you give me.

    apologies for the length. I guess I'm feeling chatty.

  4. I should say I meant six figures annually.

    Also I think Maggie took goal setting far more seriously than I. And she had a meteoric success, especially when it came to her writing.

  5. Thanks for being chatty, Mona! Some really heavy stuff has happened to you in this life. Your attitude and accomplishments are like a lighthouse beacon to my ship as it sails through the fog. I tend to get angst ridden discouraged at times, but the one thing I have learned from wonderful, admirable people like you -- it is that the tendency to give up is common and the greatest enemy. I will keep your sign in mind, also. I really must tend to faith, a little more, though, also.
    I know you meant annually -- I have FAITH that YOU will do that.

  6. Very kind words but nothing all that admirable about me. :)

    In regards to faith, I am an odd combination of zen like attitude mixed with a strong work ethic.

    A favorite philosophy quote is "Faith can move mountains. But you have to keep pushing while you're praying." I think that was Buddha (notice the "h" there)

  7. You know, you and Mona between you really make me want to try animals in colour! Maybe that will be my goal for next year? Thanks for being such an inspiration.



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