Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here is a final copy of the eagle. I have called it "Land of the Free 1" , colored pencil, 18x24. I am thinking of doing a series -- maybe other animals besides and eagle, though I think I will do another eagle or two. I delivered it to the gallery yesterday. The owner liked it and is going to contact the customer she thinks might be interested in it. Can't wait to hear!

I also delivered business cards and brochures to a local post office. Four or five local post offices will be distributing them along with the release of Ellen DeGeneres's new stamp. Lucky me -- hope I get some business from that!

Going to mom's town today to teach and will stay with her until tomorrow afternoon. I have several healthcare contacts to make on her behalf, but she seems to be improving daily! I will be making her a special dinner and I hope she is up to watching a movie. It was our habit to have dinner and watch a movie that I have rented when I stayed overnight with her, before she became ill.

I hope to have Saturday to work on art. I need to do school work on Sunday, but hope all stays calm enough for me to continue with art next week until I have to teach again.


  1. Oh Angela, the eagle is absolutely beautiful. It's stunning. I can't see that one hanging around for long!

    I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is continuing to improve. Enjoy your movie!



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