Thursday, April 1, 2010

Precious Bullie Babies Posted

Precious Bullie Baby #1 - Grindle

Precious Bullie Baby #2 - Millie

Precious Bullie Baby #3 - Maude

I am posting the Precious Bullie Baby series as the Canine Art Guild's exhibit, "Dog Gonn-It" will go online today. The exhibit celebrates the Guild's fifth birthday. In honor of that, all entries into the exhibit are 5x5 inches in dimension. I am looking forward to seeing the show. Hope you have time to take a look.

The babies did not come out quite as colorful here as they are in real life-- some of the subtle colors do not shoq. Maybe I reduced them to much in photo editing, if that is the problem, sorry about that. I have decided to keep this series, but my commissions start at $55 for a 5x7.

I have not seen it yet, it is early in the morning, as I post this. I am off to teach my first class today. Will be visiting my mother and then home tomorrow. I finally got in some good time working on the eagle, after I put alot of time organizing and preparing for my class. If I had done art instead of teaching work, I would never have done the teaching work! I will post a WIP when I get back.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ahhh! They are so gorgeous Angela! I can't wait to see the next stage of the eagle!

  2. These are wonderful Angela. Great expressions. Are they in colored pencil?

  3. Thank you so much Linda and Pat! Yes they are colored pencil, Pat, on colorfix paper.

  4. They are wonderful and I really enjoyed the online show. I can certainly understand why you'd want to kepp the series. I voted for Maude though it was a tough call. :)

  5. Thank you very much for the comment and vote, Mona!

    There were so many interesting and great pictures in the show. I was really taken with how much detail people were able to do in 5x5 inches. I would never have guessed that was the format if not the state requirement. Maude was my favorite when I finished them all, I think I was just looser and free with color/interpretation by then and it worked well. Millie's portrait does capture her personally as the very self-possessed dog she was. I was very close to her, having raised her as a puppy and taking her everywhere with me, where as Maude was not a go places kinda of girle. Grindle was though, also. I think that helps the dog/person bond alot.



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