Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Abbey, Portrait 2, finished

Once again time has gotten away with me.  Here is the second Abbey portrait, finished.  The client is pleased.

I do have another commission to do from the Zanesville fair.  Two very small portraits, 3x6 inches, one with full body and background -- so once again I have my work cut out for me.  I will not be working on these until after the art fair in Kent, Ohio, Art In the Park,  I will be participating in this coming weekend.  The set-up is on Friday and the fair is Saturday and Sunday.  I lucked out with getting a hotel three miles away at $42 a night (EconoLodge), which is good because I am staying until Monday morning.  The show will be having an artist's dinner after closing on Saturday, the first time I have experience such a perk!  I went to undergraduate school at Kent State University, but have not been back there since.  The art festival is in a park near the University.

I have posted a few things, and will post more, on the Prismacolor gallery website.  I currently use mainly Prismacolor pencils.  While browsing there, I saw an artist who uses colored pencils very expressively while portraying animals.  Her name is Maria Spencer and I admire her style, a style very seldom seen with colored pencils.

I will be working on setting up my tent several times this week before going to the show.  I worked on it yesterday, but must become much more efficient.


  1. That's a great portrait of the black lab. Great color. Have fun at the fair.



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