Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feral/garage Kitties Update & WIP

New Garage Kitties

Before I could get the mommy and her three kitties in for their spay/neuter appointment, mommy had SEVEN new kittens.  Six of them can be seen in the photo above, the seventh is an orage tabby.   Not a situation I am happy to be in, but I am determined to get the mommy in before this happens again.  I do have her eating in the unsprung live trap, but as the little kitties are just starting to waunder, it could be difficult to catch her without trapping them.  I will be working on it though.  It is frightning to have only one chance to catch her, if the life trap springs and does not catch her, it is not likely that she will go in it again, they say.

Below are some photos of the first three, now about five months.  All healthy after their spays and neuter.  They are all tame now.

Growing Up Fast - 1 of Original 3
Wild one Now Loving
Only boy of the first three

Below is a work in progress of my redo of one of my commissioned portraits.

Hopefully this will remind the owner of his dog, Abbey.  I got too caught up in doing what I thought he wanted instead of what I could do best on the first one, lesson learned.

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