Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finished Portraits and Kitty Delivery Service

I emailed a copy of the finished portraits last night and they were approved.  Keep in mind they are only 3.5 by 5.5 inches  with custom requests in the compositions.  This is  a size I definitely have not done. I admire those even smaller ACEO artists all the more now.
Great Dane in Historic Home

Great Dane Puppy

I have been busy with tax prep classes and trying to find the seven kitties in the second litter homes.  I did mange to get the mother caught and spayed.  I have only found two of the kittens homes thus far, but I believe they are good homes and both have promised to update me.  I have several other possiblilities with  some no shows and not acceptable homes.  I would like to be able to get my car in the garage before it snows.  Was still doing that with the first litter, but put it outside when these seven began to waunder.

These Orange Tabby Males Are the Sweetest

One of the three Fuzzy Wuzzy Boys

Tortieshell Girl

Cute Tinie  Girl found good home

I have a fair, The Apple Butter Stirr'n Festival next week.  It will be only the second time I have put up my tent myself and the first time on concrete.  I have opted for several "cheap" weight options, though still playing with that. I hope to get there right at set up time so as not to be crowded in my tent set up, do not think there are any voluteers at this one. I am supposed to be dressed somewhat to the period of 1803, have to work on that a little too.  At least set up is the day before, no tear down will be another story. My mom nearby, so I will be staying with her.  I hope to finish the Hawk and start a really good demo before then.

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