Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday!  As far as art has been going, aside from commissions, I have been doing alot more surfing, reading and imagining than doing lately.  Somewhat enjoyable and stimulating, but also sometimes feeling bloated, like eating too much choclate candy at one sitting.  Looking at 3-D as well as 2-D media -- may blog about that later.  Feeling a need to do something looser and just for fun.

I have developed a  want for more studio space, my basement is a wreck of storage, that has been bothering me anyway -- planning to really work on that this winter, but more motivated to have more space for art making (space to do other media without having to back up all my colored pencil stuff in order to have room), framing (have to use kitchen island now, with no room for storage of materials) and for storage and display.  Not that I can't create without all this, but I am feeling motivated to move toward making it a reality for the longterm at this point.

I did buy myself some early Christmas present art books, two by Claudia Nice and one by Carla Sonheim.

Again hope you are having a great holiday, see you later!  Angela

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