Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cat Pet Portrait Commission

I finished this pet portrait of a cat a little while ago. I had not posted it here or to my website yet because it was a birthday gift and was not being given until this past Friday. Though I doubted it would be seen if I posted it, I wanted to error on the cautious side.

This is a portrait of a cat named Sanders who recently went over the Rainbow Bridge. My photo is just a tad blurry compared to the original. This commission was created as a composite of two photos. I got an email on Friday showing photos of the gift being opened. The recipient looked very touched. It is very touching to me that her boyfriend put the thought and effort he did into having this gift created. The commissioner was very happy when I delivered it to him. Which was a fun experience for me.

This portrait is 12 by 9 inches, colored pencil on colorfix paper.

I have another cat commission which I am happy to work on this week.

My website has details on how to commission a pet portrait.


  1. What a beautiful portrait Angela, and a great story. Whata wonderful gift to receive.

    It seems to me the hardest thing would be to do someone's pet who has passed on. You handled it masterfully.

  2. Wow, thank you, Mona, for the flattering comment. I am beginning to nit pick it when I look at it now -- seeing things I want to change. Your comment takes the sting out not being able to "fix-it" some more.
    Alot of people seem to want to remember a pet with a portrait after it has passed, it seems.

  3. The cat is great but what really impressed me is all the background stuff you got going on. Not being a background person myself, it's really impressive. Especially on such a small scale.

    I imagine it's that old saying you never know what you'll miss until it's gone. I would think it would make your job harder though.

    Sounds like the portrait business is being good to you though. :)



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