Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mentors and Guides #4

Can you have a devoted patron and collector following and make a decent living from art living in the middle of nowhere - try Rolfe, Iowa -- using not oil paints but the more obscure media of oil pastel or water color pencils? On top of that make your art about animal images often presented in an expressive, colorful and spiritual way. Maybe you couldn't, but Mona Majorowicz can! (I didn't even add "and have a last name that is difficult to spell")

Follow the link to Wildfaces Gallery to see a multitiude of Mona's beautiful work. Her originals sell very quickly, but you can obtain a print online there, as well as an original, if you are lucky.

Mona not only makes uncontrived, unique artwork that emotionally touches the viewer, she does so with the same high standards that she puts into picture framing, supporting the giclee reproduction business her husband, Mike, manages, participating in beaucoup art fairs and creating illustrated articles for a horse magazine, Apples & Oats.

Read about her life and get down to earth advice on the business of art on her blog, Fur in the Paint. A post there that gives you a good introduction to Mona's success and attitude toward it is "All Good Things Come From Art Fairs, Part 2". Also, to understand the full of care and touching way with which she does all things, read "Customer Testimonial"

Mona has several squido lens that provide information on difficult to find information on subjects such as How to Frame Oil Pastels, Tips and Tools for working with Oil Pastel, About Watercolor Pencil, How to Make Handmade Paper, and Watercolor Pencil Technique.

I really cannot express in words the profound respect I have for Mona Majorowicz. I love her unique animal artwork and I find her to be an outstanding example of how work ethic leads to success in art. I am thankful for the personal friendship she has taken the time to show me. I hope the above photo of a Blue Ribbon Winner -- says some of what I am not adequately equipped to convey in words about Mona as an artist and as a person.


  1. Well Angela, what a pleasant surprise. Aren't you just the nicest. I don't know what to say.

    I read your post this afternoon at the gallery but couldn't comment until I returned home because I couldn't remember my google id stuff. Since my paranoid hubby set it up he uses random characters instead of something like AnimalArtRules like I would.

    Um . . . anyway, thanks. That could well be the nicest stuff anyone has ever said about me. :)

  2. I am glad you liked it, Mona. I feel very lucky to have met and be able to interact with you about life as artist, being a critter lover and what life throws at us in general.



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