Friday, August 7, 2009

Dog Portrait and The Big Weekend

This is the dog portrait I finished yesterday. The reference photo was by Daisytree, forum name, from the reference liabrary at the Wildlife and Pet Portait forum. I loved the dog's eyes. The dog seems to exude so much loyalty and faithfulness -- I am calling the portrait "True Blue". It is 10 x 8 inches, color pencil on Ampersand pastelboard. Daisytree did not say what kind of dog it was -- she took many photos at a dog show. It looks like a young Bernese Mountain dog to me, though. What kind do you think it is?

Well the big weekend has arrived -- my first art festival. I am about three-fourths packed. I need to finish packing, do the barn chores, get myself ready and GO! I am leaving about noon. The set up is 2:00 P.M., think I will have lunch and be on the dot, as the town is only about an hour from me. The festival is taking place in Zanesville, Ohio, on the Y-bridge. An artist colony was started in Zanesville several years ago. The Y-bridge was the first of it's kind, and is thus an historical landmark. Pilots once used it as a major navigational landmark, prior to instrument navigation being common. I will post photos when I get back. See you all when I get back!


  1. Lovely pencil work.
    Hope the festival went well for you and look forward to seeing the pictures

  2. Holy Crap!!! (pardon the language) but does your flier say your event runs until 11pm!!!! (I leaned in real close to look to make sure but these old eyes ain't what they used to be with tiny pictures on the screen.) Yikes.

    Was anxious to see how it went for you.

    Love the dog. Truely excellent. Looks like a Bernese to me also, though I tend to think of them as fluffier.

  3. Thanks alot, Sue. It went well in many ways and I have written about it this morning.

    Yes, that is what most arts said, Holy whatever, about that timing. It certainly added to the exhaustion factor. But we all survived. The lighting really was not that good after dark. We did start tearing down about 9:30-10:00 P.M. on Saturday. I was on the road by 1l:45 P.M.
    I think of the Berese as more fluffy also, but a friend said it may be young and less hair while young, maybe? I did fluff up the chest a little more than the photo.
    Looking forward to hearing about your festival weekend.

  4. I don't doubt you lost the light but was there any lookers that late? Well kudos to you for jumping in with both feet. :)

    As to the dog after I posted I got to thinking they may have a short coated version as well.



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