Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day, 2009

Here is a work in progess of Buddy that I mentioned in my last post, you can click on the image above to see a closer up version. I am working on velour board, 11x22. I am very inspired by the photo I took of him and my feelings looking at him a couple of weeks ago. There will be fall foliage in the background. The wind is blowing his mane and he has a heavy winter coat coming in. His gaze will probably appear inward. I worry about how he will do this winter -- he has had so many health problems this past year. The whooly worms and the horses coats seem to be forecasting a fierce winter. I think about the title as "Contemplating Winter". Maybe more me than him? I could call it "Indian Summer" as it was one of the last days the fall foliage had not fallen due to rain. It was breezy and balmy. The horses were having a great day.

The velour is giving me fits, and though it takes many layers, I still have to be careful to not over saturate it, as their is no taking off the colored pencil or pastel once it is laid on. I do have a vision for this piece, though. and will struggle on with it. It is a good week for working on art for me. Should have most of today, Thursday and part of Friday to work.

I cannot accept any constructive comments at this time as I am planning on entering it in an exhibition. The rules state "no collaborations". I have come to learn from reading on the net that means no online suggestions.

Thanks for Looking!!! To be Continued......

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