Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Computer - WIP 3

Last Saturday my old computer finally died. I was not looking to get a new one just yet, but like TV used to be (maybe still is), -- can't live without it, it seems. It is taking me some time to get used to the new features and to the loss of some programs that I no longer have because they are incompatible with Windows 7. At least the timing of the need for a new computer has allowed me to skip Windows Vista. Also, quite luckily, I have been able to save most of my documents and photos. I have lost some in the previous crashes of my old computer. I am hoping I don't have to mess with this one for quite awhile!

Here is the latest WIP for this portrait of Buddy that is awaiting the name of "Contemplating Winter" or "Indian Summer". I have cropped it, the flank area was too close to the edge (I know better, but plunged on for awhile) and thus not working in the compositition. I have a ways to go on the background. I hope to tie in the yellow foliage better but still leave it as a symbolic halo for Saint Buddy. This is a quick shot from my drawing board, so the details and colors are not as clear as they could be with better lighting and a tripod. Getting a good photo for exhibition entry/documenting will be the next challenge. The deadline for the exhibition is November 15 -- I don't know whether I will make it or not. I will be working furiously the next few days to try to, though.

Thank you, very much, Donna B and Erik, for becoming followers of this blog. I am looking forward to taking some time really soon to visit your sites and learn a little about you.


  1. Hey Angela, make sure you get an external hard drive to back up your computer...JUST IN CASE. I bought a new desktop with Vista and have zero problems with it. I think the only time it presents problems is when one is trying to upgrade on an existing computer. I also have an apple macbook. You are welcome, I really enjoy your work, and KNOW you will finish in time for your exhibition...since I got our dog, Izzy, I have not not much painting. When I painted a card for my Dad's b'day last week, I left my craft drawer open, and she ate a pen and destroyed some decorator fault for leaving it open. Another lesson learned...

  2. Hi,Donna. I think I will get an external hard drive soon. I admire people who have Mac's and know how to use them -- seems like they are better for graphics/art. Congratulations on your new baby puppy girl, Izzy. This too will pass, LOL!

  3. This is looking great so far! Can't wait to see it finished!



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