Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Contemplating Winter Finished and Entered

This piece was entered into "Explore This" 2010 as pictured above. In the eleventh hour I found that scotch tape worked really well for removing unwanted pigment. In restrospect I am not happy still with the foliage around his head. I was too married to giving him a symbolic halo. I will be waiting for the exhibition results, but am likely to change this part further. Any comments are welcome now.


  1. I love the movement in the mane.

    You might be able to achieve the halo effect if you opened up the trees a bit in the back and give it a backlit effect. Not sure if that would work, I struggle allot with lighting myself.

    So how is Buddy doing?

  2. Thank you very much, Linda!

    Thanks alot, Mona, I don't like how it the foliage follows the shape of his head and muzzle, I have had it lighter/more backlit, but think I have to break up the shape more before seeing what else it needs.



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