Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ALOT of Snow Now

Well it has been snowing and it is still snowing. Not really shocking compared to what people in the central plains, west and north experience routinely. Not even as much as the east coast has had this year so far. But it is alot more than we have had for a few years. We may have had this much at the end of winter last year, come to think of it, but it was gone in a few days. This will be around for awhile with the below freezing temperatures hanging on indefinitely. Poor horses, too hard to tunnel out to the pasture right now. Do let them exercise some in an indoor area that has been tunneled to, though, each evening. It is all doable for now, as long as the power stays on -- losing that really makes it miserable.

I have had one of the worst colds I can remember having in awhile. Missed work on Saturday -- feeling bad about that as a newbie to my job. Will be going tomorrow. Medicine would not touch my symptoms until the last day or two. Can barely do a barn chore here and there. Have caught up on my sleep and have made my applications to a few art fairs. House needs cleaned more than ever, but that will have to wait.

Got news on the poster contest, the winner. Dick Close, is the design director of Ionic Communications Group, a brand design firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. So though this compeition did not have very many entrants relative to alot of contests, it did have some pretty tough competitors. The press release for the competition says that 26 artists scattered from Granville to Los Angeles entered 36 pieces of art into the competition. Several design groups entered.


  1. That is a lot of snow, Angela. It is snowing here now, expect up to a foot.

  2. Sorry to hear your feeling low. Makes all that trudging in snow all hte worse. :(

    The posetr is nice but I find it sadly lacking a horse.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Thanks alot, Mona. Haven't been this sick for a while. I am feeling alot better, not quite 100% yet, but getting there. Going to my mom's today through Monday, haven't been there for a little while now. I have caught up on resting alot lately, though.



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