Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Baby

Here is a December photo of my baby, Daisy, a toy fox terrier. (That sawdust from the barn really builds up -- that's why I do art or clean the house - or not as you see here.) She came to me in October of 2007 as a cast off, having passed through at least four hands, the last two rather rapidly. I could not learn about her earlier history. She was a year and half old then.

7x5 Colored pencil on panel

I have enjoyed her. She likes to sleep under covers or whatever garment she can get under, next to me as often as possible. She is a lap dog when I am at the computer. In addition to being catlike affectionate, she has alot of spunk and likes to play as the top photo shows. I like her smallness for ease of transport. Since I spend alot of time with my mother in another city she was great to take along the first year I had her. My mom lives in an assisted living facility now, and many of the residents loved to have her visit. Unfortunately, Daisy is the jealous type and she became very protective of my mother, which did not work well after a while with facillity workers coming into the rooom. So Daisy's visits were terminated. She is protective when anyone approaches me now, too. A key perhaps to why she did not last in some of her earlier homes. I have consulted with a trainer, and of course, I am doing something to encourage her behavior. I will have some one-on-one sessions with her and a trainer when I can find the spare time and money to do this and maybe she can become a traveling dog again.


  1. What a cutie! I always been a big dog kinda gal myslef but lately when thinking about our next dog (as Cisco is getting rather old) I keep thinking smaller would be better for traveling. Much like with Daisy, in the end it really is about who shows up on our doorstep needing a home. Our last 5 dogs came to be with us that way. :)

    Adorable dog and a great portrait.

    Oh and I highly recommend Ceasar Milan (the dog whisperer) for dealing with doggie issues.

  2. Thanks alot, Mona. I used to think I didn't like small dogs, too. However, I have had a sweet (and spunky) Maltese and now, Daisy. Some of it truly is that they showed up. I have pursued bulldogs most of my dog owning life, have had three, but losing them way too soon, as they are relatively short lived, just breaks my heart too much. Besides, I think small dogs and old ladies (like I am getting to be) go together, LOL. At any rate, I added the "catlike affectionate" line just for your benefit.



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