Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Down on the Farm

Here I am, finally, feeling 99% healthy at last. After being sick, tending to some medical concerns with my mother and a little tax preparation work, I have at last cleaned up my studio and am going to work on my new year's goal of organizing my pencils according to lightfastness, or at least in a way that I can tell their lightfastness. Will be then having some fun putting in a new supply order, maybe trying some new brands to get certain colors more lightfast. I have several projects mulling in my mind, but not sure which I will tackle next.

Had more snow this week, but thankful to be getting around without incident and to keep having electric.

Here are a couple of shots of two of the three barn kitties, "Ashton" is the lighter grey, more angelic one in the fore ground and "Slim" is the darker grey, crabby Christmas card posing kitty.

Ashton likes to stand on his hind legs, especially when he wants attention.
Lastly, here is me imitating American Gothic. Don't I look lovely?
Take care and stay warm everybody!

1 comment:

  1. Love the kitty on hind legs! You look smashing, too :) Stay warm.



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