Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Horses

Tuckered Out by Mona Majorowicz

Colton by Mona Majorowicz

I just got these two love prints of Mona Majorowicz's wonderful work framed. My picture taking skills do not do the images the glory they deserve, so please go to Wildfaces Gallery to see them more accurately. I do feel very lucky to own these prints. The prints in person are even more beautiful than the computer monitor views. I can only imagine, at this point what Mona's original work is like when viewing in person.

I framed them to match as much as possible, while still flattering each piece individually as much as possible. I hope you find them flattering, Mona.

I am way too busy preparing for a college course I am teaching spring quarter in the human services field. I do hope that I can get down the road a ways and then only devote a very limited amount of time weekly to the teaching leaving clear time to work on art. That plan and my anxiety about being fully prepared has kept me from working on my art ever since I completed the Precious Bullie Baby series.

Teaching is a process much like art -- ideally alot of thought goes into how to convey ideas in an interesting way which is effective in engaging the student/viewer. At this point in my life, I find it difficult to keep this thinking going simultanwously with teaching non art related things with my own art production. Like I said, I hope to get down the road a little more with the teaching creativity and then hopefully put it into a mental compartment which does not interfere with my ongoing art process.

I am sorry that I did not post any of the Precious Bulloie Baby completed work yet. I decided that it would not be fair to the exhibit to do that. I will do so as soon as the exhibit goes online on April 1st. The trio is being framed at the present time.

I am working other jobs right now in order to have extra cash to buy the rest of my art fair display. I am continuing to apply to art fairs for the summer and fall. So far I have heard from two. I am on a waitlist for one near Cincinati in May and am accepted into the Zanesville one I did last yer in August.

Raining too much here now, Hope you all are dry and happy! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You lucky, lucky, lady! Mona's prints look gorgeous!

    I hope you manage to get your head around teaching and creating at the same time. I can understand how it would zap your creative energy.

    Congratulations on being accepted for the art fair. I hope you get many more positive replies.

  2. Thank you very much Linda, for your warm and supportive comments. They mean alot to me.

  3. Conrgrats from me also and yes the prints do look great. :)

    I too find it hard to shift back and forth from thought process non art related things like oh say . . . taxes. And then trying to get in the mood to work on a painting after a few hours of bookwork.

    Undaunted's got an interesting 28 challenge that might help with this. But alas for me I don't think I could pull it off.

    So looking forward to the Bullies But glad to have the oppotunity to see them framed. (As well as my stuff) They really do look nice.

  4. Thanks, Mona. Glad you like your prints framed. I am posting the finished Bullies (unframed) today - April 1, 2010.



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