Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art Fair This Weekend

The above photo is of all three feral kittens that were born in the garage. Have not been able to tame them a whole lot. May catch them next week and if cannot find homes (have been calling rescues about Slim -- they are all full). Then maybe make them into barn kitties if everyone can get along. I have caged Slim, unfortunatley. He was beating up the longer time barn kitties and one of them was staying away for days. I am considering whether or not to make him a house kittie, though I had vowed not to have anymore house kitties. We will see.

My first art fair of the season is this weekend. Will be the first time I put up the whole tent. At least it is on grass and only about seven miles from home. Will be putting up the tent Friday night and then hanging the art before it starts on Saturday. It is running Saturday and Sunday. Thunderstorms are predicted! Wish me luck. I have been busy starting a foal demo piece and matting some more prints and packaging some greeting cards I have recently ordered.

I am looking forward to it, but with the last week of school this week and all, I could feel a less rushed with it. I calm myself by telling myself I am still evolving :).

I went to a two day how to do framing workshop not quite two hundred miles away last weekend. I enjoyed it alot more than I was expecting to do. Met some really nice people. I also got to stay at my brother's and have some great food and see a movie.


  1. They all look very suspicious of your camera!
    What pretty kittens though ... I hope you can find them good homes soon

    and best of luck for the weekend. I really hope the weather isn't too unkind to you.

  2. Those kittens already look so tame!! Looks can be deceiving!!

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. I wondered where you went!! I hope this is a good weekend for you too :)

  3. Hard to resist those cute little faces. I was seriously thinking of bringing in one of our kittens as a pal for Budda. But lordy the cat hair is shocking already.

    I hope your art fair went well. Will pop back in to see. I know how scary bad weather can be.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes, Sue!

  5. It's Friday afternoon and I am about ready to leave to put up my tent. It has been raining, but is dray at the moment! Will let you know how it went.

  6. They run when you reach for them unless you have food, Linda. I'm just about ready to leave to go put up my tent. I will let you know how it goes!



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