Saturday, June 19, 2010

Foal WIP 1

Here is the foal I was working on at the art fair. I had the outline on the board when I got to the fair and this is how far I got. The foal is going to be a bay, as it is in the reference photo. I am making the mother a flea bitten grey, though she is also bay in the reference photo. This piece is 16 by 20. I am attracted to the sunlit with contrasts quality of the mother's and foal's coats in the reference photo and am wanting the beauty of this piece to be involved with that. Will see how that turns out. I hope to have some time yet today to get several hours work done on this. Thanks for looking and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Ooh, it's beautiful so far Angela! I'm amazed that you could concentrate so well while you were at the art fair. I like to be alone and able to get in the "zone" with no interuptions.

  2. Thanks so much, Linda. Me too, in a way, but I drew at my first art fair and it went fairly well. Now I look at it as a great stretch of time to draw. I think I would be somewhat bored if I weren't drasing. But then it again it could have something to do with not alot of people in the booth most of the time, which is not a good thing.

  3. what a beautiful foal - Look forward to seeing this one progress Angela



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