Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Foal WIP 2 & 3

Here are two more images showing the work in progress on the foal. I hope to get to work on it a few hours today and probably will bring it to a finished point or a point where I need to contemplate whether it is finished or not. I am enjoying working on the contrasts in the piece.

The weeds growing profusely around here are needing work is getting me down, don't get much done on these hot days.
I need to finish applications for shows yet this season. Then I am thinking of expanding my internet presensce on Facebook and perhaps Etsy or some similiar site and E-Bay. My "freedom" from nonart jobs is here (for the most part, except some need to take some classes here and there) for the next six months and I want to really start to make the most of it with some steady working time and perhaps some branching out in media.

Thanks for stopping by!

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