Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Commissioned Portraits and Hawk WIP

Above are the last two portraits I did for the seven portrait commission.  Below is the red tailed hawk that I worked on at the art fair.  The hawk is 24 by 18. I like it so far.  I am nervous about getting started on the feathers, but looking forward to seeing if I can get it the way I want it also.  I used mineral spirits to melt colored pencil on the background.  I may modify the bacground some more after I start the feathers.

As I have a portrait commission to redo and a few nonart obligations to get out of the way, I may not get to work on it for a couple of more days.  I try to do the things I don't want to do as much first and use the thing I want to do the most as a reward.  This strategy of disciplining myself does not always work though because sometimes I procrastinate and thus lose time that I could have spent doing what I preferred to do anyway.  I have gotten alot of chores out of the way recently, though,  and may just have to reward myself a little anyway soon, even if all the have to's aren't completely done because I am getting that away from working on art withdrawal/crappy feeling.


  1. Really loving what you've got so far on the hawk.

    I bet your glad you've just about put this giant commission project to bed eh? Seriously good on you for even taking it on. I think your client being happy with all but one is a real testament to your skill.



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