Sunday, August 15, 2010

Y-Bridge Art Fair Update

My Booth & WIP
My Booth with People & My Neighbor

Painting the Fair

I had a great time.  The crowds were alot better than last year. Though I enjoyed numerous positive comments, I did not sell as much as last year, though.    I do have one commission request to follow up on right away.  Many promises -- which do not always materialize.  I did enjoy working on my demo, a close-up of a red tailed hawk.  You can see it a little better if you double click the photo to enlarge it.   It was sometimes too hot to work on it becuase my pencils would start melting, though!

 I made friends with my neighbor, Shirley Lumbatis, an equine artist from Zanesville, whose horses you can see a bit of to the right of my booth.  She had beautiful landscapes, also.  Her work was mainly acrylic paintings, but it had th look of oil paintings.  It was great to have her as a friend during the show and I will be looking her up for lunch soon.

  There was a best presentation award of $500, but I did not get it, though most artists did not set up a complete booth like I did.

The overall quality of the art was great and fun to look at.  I greatly admired the two artists who oil painted during the festival.  In addition to scenes of the fair shown above, they did portraits of people on the spot.

When packing, I can currently fit everything but my tent side walls and top cover into my SUV. Did not need the whole tent for this fair, but I am thinking of adding a carrier on the hitch for these.

Since being back I have been way too busy with finishing my portrait commission,  some tax and social work classes, as well as getting the feral kittens spayed and nuetered.

I delivered the last six portraits Saturday.  I volunteered to redo one of them after the customer feltthat the body (one that was "made up") was not quite like his dog, though he felt the face was right on.

I'll post the last two portraits and my hawk WIP in my next two posts!

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  1. You have a great talent Angela. With or without the sale at the fair. I believed you had lots of fun. :)

  2. Such a lovely, encouraging comment, Jolly, thank you! Thank you also for following my blog, I have not yet been able to look at your blog, the links on your profile are not working for me at this moment. Thanks again, Angela

  3. Wow you definitely got a full load in the vehicle. :)

    Glad to hear that all things considered the event was good for you. Even without big sales sometimes all the positive comments help float the soul a bit.

    So looking forward to seeing your hawk piece especially after how excellent your bald eagle turned out.

  4. Thanks, Mona. Everything has to go in the vehicle just right, or it won't fit. I wrap everything in some blankets I cut up and go large on top of big (read about that somewhere). Everything rides well, except I get lint in my frames. No expensive bags yet/need to frame my pictures better. Are you getting e-mail notification regarding new posts?

  5. Yup, the emails are coming fine. I was surprised that they didn't contain a link directly back to your blog (certainly not a big deal, thought you'd like to know though)



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