Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween Everybody! The above photo was taken at a festival in southern Ohio that my friend and I wend to when I spent some time with her a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry I haven't posted this week until now, sometimes I really don't know where the time goes. I have been trying to get some art in when not doing things for my new job -- I know I have mentioned it before, rather mysteriously, but right now it involves taking classes for a "maybe" job involving, can you believe it, taxes. Nuff said about that for now. At any rate I was working on a drawing this week. I had originally planned to start doing a Christmas card this week. The one I have in my head involves a newer barn cat we have. However, the day I took some reference photos, his did not turn out -- I did get one of my beloved Buddy, that I started working from -- not Christmas card related. The preliminary drawing has taken me quite awhile -- first off I got a head on him that I was quite pleased with, but it was a tad too small -- it has taken me forever to get another preliminary drawing that I am pleased with. I decided to do it on a piece of black Hahnemuhle Velour board that I sent for quite awhile ago. After seeing Mona Majorowicz's work in progress on suede, I said to myself now is the time to get that board out and try it. I had used Hahnemuhle velour paper for the tiger below and enjoyed it. However, since there is no possiblility of erasing, the preliminary drawing must be near perfect. I have barely started to lay in the color -- is seeming quite "sticky". That is the pencil is not going on very smoothly like I remember with the paper. I have tried a little pastel also since I have always been curious about how it feels on velour or suede, since so many artists do gorgeous animals with pastel on suede/velour. It also seems to not glide/go on easily. I am doing an irregular size (I usually do standard sizes) which I cut from the board making it 11x22 inches. Sorry, I am not ready for a WIP -- need to charge up the camera for one thing and also it is not going easily. I am thinking of maybe entering this in the CSPA Explore This competition also. I will tell you more about that in my next post.

Have a Great Weekend and a Happy Halloween.

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