Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Blahs

Hi everyone. Had some warmer weather this weekend and at the beginning of the week. Makes the now one digit temperatures hard to take. We, here in central Ohio, are not terribly snowed in at this point, though.

When not working on my job I have been working lately on orgainzing my business records, website and renewing art related memberships, as far as New Year's goals go. I have learned alot about business taxes, which since small business are most likely to be audited, is in itself worth the time and money I have invested in learning about taxes this past year. I did see this new blog,, from reading Making a Mark. They offer a free reveiw of your current website and marketing efforts resulting in some marketing advice. I enlisted in the offer yesterday. Looking forward to the response.

Getting some angst about not doing any art this past week, will get on a good schedule with that soon, I know it.

Keep warm and cozy as much as you can! Thanks for stopping by and stop back soon!


  1. Lovely photo of the farm. :) This time of year kinda takes it out of a person.

    I looked over the ArtIsBroken site. Sounds intriguing but was totally sick of the word broken by the time I was done reading. Am very curious to hear of your results with them. Free is a wonderful thing. Cynic that I am though I tend to think they'll just try to "sell" me in the end. Glad not everyone as cynical as I. :) So good on you!

  2. Glad you like the photo. Maybe your cynicism is well-placed. I did fill out a marketing survey at the end of the review request form. I have not hear from them yet, thought I would by now. I may have not submitted when I thought I did, will check on that after a few more days.



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