Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BullDog Portraits Done and Delivered

Above, Daisy admiring her portrait.

I got to work steadily for four days on the Precious Bullie Baby series for four days in a row. Nice long ten to twelve hour drawing time days! Longest art time I have had for awhile. I delivered them online yesterday. Overall, I am pleased and look forward to framing them. Ironically, the last one, which I was afraid I might be too tired for, turned out the best, in my opinion. Sorry, I will not be sharing them until the exhibit goes up online on April 1.

I am not getting hardly any hours doing taxes right now. However have to prep for a class I will be teaching in the human services field at a technical college starting in about two weeks. I hope I can get down the road with that some and then work on the eagle regularly. Need those pennies for the art festival tent. I have applied to three shows and have a few more to apply to yet this month.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely spring weather! I hate the mud, but don't miss the snow for sure!

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