Friday, March 12, 2010

Precious Bullie Babies

Here are some photos that I will be working from the next few days for the upcoming Canine Art Guild five year anniversary exhibition. I have always meant to do all of my precious bullie bablies and now is finally the time. I have been quite fortunate to have each of these precious bullie baby girls accompany me on my life journey at different times. They are in the order they appear here: Maude, Millie and Grindle. I last lived with Maude, then Millie and first of all, Grindle. I have always loved dogs, however, when I first saw an English Bulldog (just Bulldog, in AKC speak), at age 19, I fell in love. Now not everyone likes them, it seems to be a love or hate kind of thing. They can appear fierce, and when walking down a street with one of them some people coming the other way give a very wide birth or even cross the street! In actuality, they are the usually the sweetest, most lovable dogs you would ever want to know. They sometimes don't like other dogs, but if raised from a pup to be socialized to other dogs, even that is not a problem. I did once read that if not trained to be respectful of people, they can be like "a bowling ball with legs". I raised Millie from a pup, but got Maude and Grindle later in their lives. Only Grindle had a problem with other dogs, but not people.

They all let cats crawl all over them, kind of like the cartoon -- remember that one where the cat "makes bread" on the cartoon bulldog?

They can be quite expensive. I was fortunate to get Grindle from a veterinarian when I was in my early twenties for only $75. I looked hard and long to get Millie and Maude without giving an arm and leg, though I do advocate being aware of breeding, especially since this breed can be susceptile to several health problems.

I love each of them very much and am forever sad to not have them in my life any longer.

For the fifh year anniversary of the Canine Art Guild the exhibit requires that the entry be 5x5 inches and is for sale for an amount with only fives in it. I have cropped these photos to head only compositions for this exhibition. Hope to get all three done, but as the deadline is Monday, the 15th, I will at least have something done. I imagine at some point having all of my dogs this size and then framing them in one frame. May extend this project to cats and then horses.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Love the dogs!!!! I've been hanker' to do a bulldog, or French bulldog lately. Love both of them.

    I think a trio of 5x5 portraits would be awesome. :)

  2. I would look forward to seeing one of your pieces of a bulldog or Frenchie!



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