Monday, October 5, 2009

My Friend Chicken Farming -- WIP

Here is a photograph of a friend of mine who used to love her chickens. I decided to do a piece based on this photo. The buildings and background in southern Ohio are really interesting, don't you think.

Here is my work in progress. It is 8x10 on cradled hardboard primed with gesso and then green colorfix primer. There is just a tad bit more of the composition to the right than what shows in this scan. I am using prismas only at this point. I started doing it in a higher key than the photo and then subdued it a little. I also decided to not do the blown over red roof in my composition. Though I do think it is interesting. It is really nice to be working after an unintended break. I have another busy week ahead -- hope to work on it some more at least on Thursday. I will get 5-20 minutes here and there before then-- but not my best way to work. I am actually scheduled to visit this friend this Friday and Saturday. Had company this past weekend, also, though was able to start this. I plan to really get structured with doing art after this week of medical follow-ups, part-time job responsibilities and visiting my friend. Whew.


  1. This is a very interesting composition. Look forward to seeing the next stages when you get a chance to work on it further.

  2. You're right about the roof. Though interesting it might be confusing in the artwork. Looking forward to seeing what develops.

  3. Thanks, Sue and Mona -- I can't wait to have a long stretch with it.

  4. Talk about busy!! It's amazing how many really important responsibilities there are that take us away from painting. That's life though... The good news is we get to have SOME time painting.

    WOW... Love your dog in the next post (and all the rest of your work)



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