Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Friend Chicken Farming -- 3rd WIP

Here is what I was able to do on Sunday. I am having some difficulty on deciding how to develop the light pattern as it is a bit diffuse in the photo. I have a little ways to go yet. I may get to work on it some more on Thursday.

Besides probably visiting with my mother on the weekend, I am planning to participate in a local pet expo with my booth on Sunday. It is outside, so I will have to watch the weather, though. I will not have cover. I hope to continue a demo piece of a puppy which I started when I displayed in Roscoe.


  1. What an ambitious piece, Angela. Coming along nicely. Good luck with the expo.

  2. Hey Angela, I wasn't sure what exactly is considered critquing so I passed on any comment at all. But since I see Pat said looking good. I figured it was safe to agree. :)

    Good luck with the pet expo. I hope you get loads of comission work from it.

    So what exactly is the weather like in Ohio this time of year? Here we've already had snow and it's been raining for weeks. You must be a warmer climate. Or else just hoping to get really, really lucky.

  3. Thanks Mona, I am figuring that comments that do not make any suggestions are o.k. The rules say "no collaborations" which I have read means no suggestions online.

    I will post about the pet expo. latter.
    Thanks for wishing me well.

    The weather in October, I think, can generally be warmer than what you have. The average temp is supposed to be in the high 60's. It has been colder than that. It was rainy until Sunday. It was cold in the morning, but sunny and tolerable (about 52 or so) in the afternoon. The last county fair just ended and the Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus ends this week. I can recall some years freezing and wearing winter clothing and other years just a sweat shirt -- so it is variable in October, but outdoor or primarily outdoor events are planned.



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