Friday, January 15, 2010

Poster Finished and Delivered

Here is a final version of the poster. You can see better if you enlarge it. I have several more shots I took and one of them might be better as this is effected by being tilted back a little. I will have to look at those later. Just picked one quickly to post. I delivered it this afternoon. Ran several errands and am posting before I go to the barn.

We are supposed to hear something by February 1. I am glad I did it. I do have some difficulties with painting in acrylic and the horse is not everything I envisioned, but I had to stop working on it in order to get it in on time. I had envisioned a old timie circus kind of thing, but chickened out on puting the lettering on the picture with the time I had. I think if I could have done that, it would look more like I envisioned. I think the finished picture has some of the qualities I was going after,though. I retouched the horse's eye in photo editing to match what I did on second thought with color pencil just before I ran out the door. It is noticiable and does not blend in as well as it done in the original in the enlarged version here.

Thanks for looking and thanks for you support, Mona!



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