Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poster WIP, Loss of an Artist

Here is my picture portion of my poster competition entry, thus far. It has lettering on the sides and bottom, but that is currently taped up and so I cropped that out for this WIP. I have a little ways to go yet, but did not get to work on it yesterday like I planned. Will not now have a chunk of time, now, until Thursday -- cutting it close, but doable for Friday hand delivery, I think. I tried to darken the sky a little and made a streaky too dark mess -- will be fixing. I have to work on the horse the most yet, saved it for last. Also, been having problems since I moved him when redoing my drawing to make the table stand out more -- made some mistakes that I did not discover until I started painting. So he has had some redos to try to fix him. Still need to adjust his color and add tack. I need to work on the green areas more, too.

Some of you may have all ready read about the death of Stephen Huneck, but in case you haven't, you may want to look at his art and read about his life. He did hand carved wooden sculptures and wood cut prints of dogs and was known as a dog folk art artist. He wrote some books which were on the New York times best seller list. He built a dog chapel that people from all over the world visted and left memorials to dogs in their lives who had passed on. I have enjoyed looking at his art and reading about his life as an artist. It is tragic and very sad that he is gone and could not rise above a time of dispair. My heart aches for his devoted wife.


  1. Love the poster. Good strong graphic with bright fun color.

    Didn't know about Huneck. Actually didn't recognise the name but did the art of course. How very sad. Thanks for posting the link the vid was enjoyable to watch and yet sadder still.

  2. Thanks for both of you comments, Mona.

    I am dead tired and may have to still do not art work tomorrow, Friday. Have most of the day ahead of me right now though to finish this. My vision may exceed my grasp on this one, I think, but your comment is very encouraging.

  3. Good luck with it today. I love the whole myopic thing and the table mimicking the horizon line. :)



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