Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poster Mockup

I am posting the pencil sketch (still not the big one - 18x24) and the color mockup I have done so far for the poster competition. The color mock up is done with Neocolor II's. I toyed with using them for the final piece, but I just have not had enough practice with them I think to do that. I think the final will be done in acrylics. Not that I have a great deal of experience with them either, but at least one can paint over them for corrections. The color mock up is smeared in many places due to too much experimentation. The table cloth in the foreground was more pleasing to me at some earlier point, but I was experimenting with the effects/juxapositions to the point of no return. I will be moving the plate on the table fully into the compostion. Straightning the tent a little more. And the figures, i.e. the father and child walking toward the tents, the woman walking a dog and the muscians, will be a little more prominent in the final/larger composition. I am trying to include representation of the following elements: wine and food, polo (the grounds are known for polo and there will be a polo match on the second day of the two day art festival), art and art festival, the manison grounds, children enjoying the festival, and musical entertainment. I am using a lot of white space, but hope tinting will help with some differentiation. I think the tents will show up better in the larger, non smeared final. I know it is alot of white elements, but hope in the end they work. I am almost embarrassed to post this, but this is what I am up to. Comments/suggestions are welcome. I am going to work on the large sketch today, maybe start painting tonight.


  1. What an interesting poster, Angela. Looking forward to the finished piece.



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