Friday, July 24, 2009

Colored Pencil Art Exhibit and The Best Horse in the Whole World

This is my portrait of my horse "Buddy". This portait, in colored pencil (prismacolor and neocolor II), is 24 x 18 in size on Ampersand pastelboard. This portrait is appearing in Ann Kullberg's From My Perspective Tenth Annual Member Exhibit which just opened last night online. There are 100 pieces of colored pencil art in this exhibit. This exhibit is a real feast for the eyes -- check it out!

This portrait of Buddy is called "Proud Heritage" -- primarily because his coat is an early classic Appaloosa type of coat pattern called "leopard" and his pedigree dates closely back to foundation appaloosa stock. As well as being registered as the horse breed, Appaloosa, he also is registered in what is called the "Sundance 500" and "Colorado Ranger". Suffice to say, his lineage goes way back to the earliest Appaloosas.

The Appaloosa is currently the third most popular horse breed in America, right behind Quarter Horse, first and Paint, second. It does seem though that horse people either hate or love them. Alot of horse people who hate them can tell some story about about an evil Appaloosa bred horse. I have found that they, in general, tend to have the postive trait of not being flighty or high strung -- read that as "will not usually run away with you". However, this trait can be interpreted/experienced negatively as "stubborn". My experience is working calmly and determinedly with them makes for a wonderful team.

I leased an Appaloosa, before buying Buddy, who was great for me as a beginner to learn to ride safely in a variety of situations on. Buddy has always treated me well and we have learned alot together. He is getting on in age, as are we all, now -- he turned twenty-five this past May. He will forever be the "best horse in the whole world" to me.


  1. Ejoyed seeing your work of the animals. The horse is very good and the tiger is great and of course I like birds a lot.


  2. Thank you so much, Susanna Katherine. Hope you visit some more.

  3. Congratulations on getting Buddy's portrait into Anne Kullberg's online exhibition. But, he will have to share the title of Best horse in the world with my Roxy :-) She is retired now at age 24 but enjoying her lazy life to the full. She has owned me for 19 years.



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