Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Blog Post for A Work In Progess Blog

Welcome to my blog! I hope you will be entertained and informed with my posts about art and animals. I have done some form of art since childhood. I did have about a twelve year hiatus, however, when I purchased my small piece of dirt here in central Ohio and started taking care of my horse at home as well as got chickens. I then commuted a long time to fulltime work in the city. I now get to stay home most of the time and work on animal art and the business of animal art, as well as taking care of animals! I am a work in progress, epecially in the development of art as a business. My business is Angela's Animal Art,

I have been doing pet portrait commissions for a couple of years, now. I will be in my first art festival this summer at the beginning of August. I am very busy right now preparing inventory and getting organized for this. I need everything but the outer part of the tent as the tents are supplied at this festival. Wish me luck!

I am working on four themes for this festival: horses, cats and dogs, barnyard animals and wildlife. I am currently doing most of my art in colored pencil. Here is one I did recently for the wildlife theme. I took the primary reference photo at the Columbus zoo. This piece is 14 by 11 inches on Ampersand pastel board in all colored pencil. It is called: "I Am Looking At You"

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  1. Wow, I love this one! It's beautiful!

    Congratulations on starting your own blog! I look forward to your many future posts!



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