Monday, July 13, 2009

Scarlet Macaw

This is another parrot, a scarlet macaw, 12"x9", that I have included in the wildlife portion of my display. It was my first feathered creature, so it was a learning piece. I had not used the reds in colored pencils much until I worked on this piece. The red feathers did not come out as brilliantly as I had planned. The ground, a green colorfix primer on gessoed masonite, was dark -- if I were to do it over again -- I would put down white prior to working with the reds -- and they would be much more brilliant. The reference for this image can be found in the monthly challenges at the Pet Portrait and Wildlife Forum,, which I plan to talk more about in my next Mentor and Guides series post on Wednesday.

I am busy with personal paperwork and working on framing today. Hope to be back to the drawing board tomorrow.

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