Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mentors and Guides - Introduction

The internet has revoloutionized the ability of visual artists to connect and share ideas. Before the internet it was generally difficult to make contact with a variety of artistic ideas without living in a large city with a large thriving artistic community and art education system. It was also expensive to constantly buy books with color prints and to subscribe to an array of artistic journals in order to keep one's hunger for art and art education fed. One of the greatest sites for meeting artists and for looking at and sharing visual art and artistic ideas is -- "a cyper living for artists" website. This site has interactive forums and articles by medium as well as by interests such as "miniature art", "decorative art", "abstract art", "the business of art", etc. This site is free to all, but does accept donations.

I have learned about mediums I had not yet tried there. An artist can get critiques of their work on wet canvas. I can go there for artistic advice on just about any question I encounter. I have met artists who I have seen grow from starting out to internationally famous by reading posts there. Many established artists take time to share on wet canvas. One can make friends by posting regularly to chat groups in the various forums.

I have met or been led to mentors and guides to follow by reading and participating on

In a future series of posts I will focus on the mentors and guides and what I have learned from them. Most of these mentors and guides are authors of blogs I follow as listed in this blog.


  1. Hi Angela, Just came over from Monas blog. Don't forget us over at the PP Forum, we are a happy freindly bunch, and getting pretty big now, although not as big as WC! You are more than welcome to pop by at any time : ) Happy to swap blog links with you too : )
    melanie xx

  2. Melanie, the Pet Portrait and Wildlife forum is now taking top billing as a website of interest listed above my blog list. I will definitely talk about you and the forum -- excellent mentors and guides-- and there is no finer forum when it comes to the combination of animals and art. Your blog is in the list of blogs I am following. Thank you for swapping blog links. Angela

  3. Hi Angela, Thank you for adding the PP forums link : ) I have added you to my blogroll : ) speak soon! melanie xx

  4. LOL -- I think I found your blog by way of WetCanvas, that rocks. I have been hanging out there for a while and watched my art transform till most of my older pieces make me flinch. It's fantastic. Thanks for an entry on it!



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