Monday, July 27, 2009

Maude the Bulldog

Here is a portrait of one of the bulldogs that I have been fortunate to have lived with during my lifetime. Her name is Maude and she was in my life from 1997 as a two year old until the summer of 2006. She was a very sweet dog. I just finished this portrait. It is 7" by 5", colored pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard. I will show another potrait that I did of her in the past soon. I hope to do a montage portrait of all three of the bulldogs that have been in my life sometime in the future.

Stopped to do this in the midst of matting and packing prints. I am getting nervous as a cat off and on getting ready for my first art festival. I still have prints and greeting cards to package and signs to make. Ideally I would also do one more large dog piece. I am also planning to start another dog piece to demo at the festival. The clock is ticking away though. I am keeping up with the barn and yard chores, but the house is getting very dusty and I need to go to the grocery store. Have also had a couple of commission requests -- I am very glad, but it is true, "when it rains, it pours".


  1. What a wonderful portrait, Angela. How do you like the pastelboard for CP? Doesn't it eat them up?
    Good luck with the show and have fun.

  2. Thanks alot, Pat! Yes, the textured board does eat the pencils some. I like the Ampersand pastel board and also colorfix prepared boards and paper because I find it so much easier to get many layers than on paper alone. I am a bit heavy handed, though, which doesn't help. Many people report loving UART and Fisher papers with CP also, though I have not tried them. Your colered pencil work in progress on your blog, Paintings by Patricia, is beautiful.

  3. Hey Angela, just for you I opened a goggle account. Only for you my dear. :)

    Love the face. What great dog and wonderful portrait.

    I know your working hard for your show is she going to be for sale? Or since she is your own are you keeping it?

  4. Sorry you had to go through that techno task, Mona. Thanks you, though! Thank you for the compliment! I can see a couple little tweaks I can make before final vanish. I am putting a price on her, with difficulty.



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